CLX 64

The fastest spoked wheel in the world

CLX 64 wheelset
CLX 64 front wheel
CLX 64 rear wheel
Detail of CLX 64 wheel
CLX 64 wheelset
CLX 64 wheel bag
CLX 64 Titanium Quick-Releases
CLX 64 wheelset
CLX 64 front wheel
CLX 64 rear wheel
Detail of CLX 64 wheel
CLX 64 wheelset
CLX 64 wheel bag
CLX 64 Titanium Quick-Releases

CLX 64

The fastest spoked wheel in the world

Starting at: $1,100.00

Lifetime warranty & 30 day satisfaction guarantee

Modern rim widths for modern tires

Tires are (finally) getting wider as riders everywhere begin to accept their superior efficiency and comfort benefits. The inner rim width of the CLX 64 is 21mm, which makes it perfect for supporting new-school rubber, and the rim’s aerodynamic profile has been carefully shaped to optimize efficiency around wider tires.

The ultimate aerodynamic advantage

This is the most aerodynamically efficient spoked wheel in existence. The 64mm rim profile is the result of extensive wind tunnel testing, and is proven to be more efficient than most 80mm deep rims. Superior aerodynamics in a shallower rim means better gusty wind performance, dramatically less steering torque, and more speed everywhere. Less material also means that the CLX 64 is over a half-pound lighter than most of the competition, making it faster up hills and in sprints.

Faster, stronger hubs Aero Flange hubs

The Aero Flange hubs found on each CLX 64 wheelset are the basis of this fast, strong, light, slippery wheel. Aerodynamically optimized, with wide bracing angles for increased strength, they also feature ultra-smooth CeramicSpeed bearings and the refined precision of DT Swiss 240 freehub internals.

The human touch

The premium components that make up this wheel are assembled together into the final product by hand. They are laced, tensioned, checked, and tensioned again by practiced, professional craftsmen; an added layer of quality control that machines cannot match.

Product Specifications

Technical specifications

Rim type

Clincher: Carbon, tubeless-ready

Tubular: Carbon

Rim material


Braking surface

Carbon (rim brake only)

Brake track height

12mm (rim brake only)

Rim depth


Rim width

Clincher: 20.7mm internal, 29.9mm external

Tubular: 27.4mm external

Front spoke pattern

Rim: Radial

Disc: Radial/Two-cross (2:1)

Rear spoke pattern

Rim: Radial/Two-cross (2:1)

Disc: One-cross/Two-cross (2:1)

Spoke count

Rim Front/Rear: 16/21

Disc Front/Rear: 21/24

Spoke type

DT Swiss Aerolite T-head

Nipple type

DT Swiss Pro Lock hexagonal

Spoke length

Rim Front Right/Left: 244mm/244mm

Rim Rear Drive-Side/Non-Drive: 237mm/244mm

Disc Front Right/Left: 245mm/242mm

Disc Rear Drive-Side/Non-Drive: 240mm/246mm

Front hub

Rim: Roval AF1, CeramicSpeed bearings

Disc: Roval AFD1, Centerlock, CeramicSpeed bearings, QR or 12mm thru-axle end cap

Rear hub

Rim: Roval AF1, CeramicSpeed bearings, DT Swiss 240 internals, 11-speed

Disc: Roval AFD2, Centerlock, CeramicSpeed bearings, DT Swiss 240 internals, 11-speed, QR or 142x12mm thru-axle end cap

Assembly method



Roval padded wheelbag, Roval steel QR, Roval tubeless plugs and tubeless valve (clincher only), SwissStop Black Prince brake pads (rim only), 12mm thru-axle (disc only), QR end caps (disc only)


Rim Clincher Front/Rear: 695g/850g

Disc Clincher Front/Rear: 735g/880g

Rim Tubular Front/Rear: 600g/775g

Tire pressure recommendations

How we made it

Computational fluid dynamics
Computational fluid dynamics

Leveraging powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) was key to the aerodynamic optimization of the CLX 64. CFD enabled our engineers to very closely estimate the drag that the wheel would generate. They then utilized that data to revise the shape of the rim in the computer until it was close to perfect.

Wind tunnel
Wind tunnel

Once CFD data indicated an aerodynamically optimized shape, our technicians created 3D printed models of the CLX 64 rim and tested them in our wind tunnel. By testing the physical model at various yaw angles, with a real tire mounted, installed in a real bike, the team generated drag data that was used to further optimize the final rim profile.

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