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CL 40

  • Description

    In a market flooded with options, finding the perfect carbon wheels is a hassle. Aero this, grams that—it all comes down to preference and budget. Sure, this narrows things down a bit, but where do you go from there? The CL 40, that's where.
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  • Tech Specs

    Assembly Method: Hand-built

    Rim Width: 40mm

    Front Hub: Roval/Roval AFD1

    Rear Hub: Roval/Roval AFD2, sealed cartridge bearings Complete Specs

  • Warranty

    We provide each original retail purchaser of new Roval wheels a Limited Warranty against defect in materials and workmanship for three years. It's not transferable and doesn't apply to damage or failure due to accident. Full Terms


CL 40

Performance at a Palatable Price


Top-Quality Rims

Not many other wheels have the same pedigree and value combination as our CL 40, as it uses the same rim found on our CLX series of wheels that's been proven in everything from Grand Tour wins to local cyclocross mudfests.

A Wide Design

Sharing rims with CLX, they keep the 23mm external rim width and braking surface, providing a clean interface with the tire that improves both traction and aerodynamics, as well as providing reliable braking performance that makes twisty descents that much faster.

Hit Your Climbing Weight

This relationship with CLX also makes for a sub 1500-gram, hand-built, clincher wheelset that's quick to accelerate and has the aero properties of wheel much deeper.

It's All in the Details

They're hand-built with a combination of our proven carbon/alloy shell hub and durable DT Swiss Competition double butted spokes. Building wheels by hand is somewhat of a lost art, but a real person can achieve qualities that a machine simply can’t.

Tech Specs

Rim Type
Carbon clincher
Rim Material
Braking Surface
Carbon (rim brake only)
Brake Track Height
12mm (rim brake only)
Rim Depth
Rim Width
16.2mm internal, 23mm external
Front Spoke Pattern
Rim: Radial
Disc: Radial/Two-cross (2:1)
Rear Spoke Pattern
Rim: Radial/Two-cross (2:1)
Disc: One-cross/Two-cross (2:1)
Spoke Count
Rim Front/Rear: 18/24
Disc Front/Rear: 24/24
Spoke Type
Rim: DT Swiss Competition straight pull
Disc: DT Swiss Competition T-head
Nipple Type
DT Swiss Pro Lock spherical
Front Hub
Rim: Roval, carbon/alloy shell, sealed cartridge bearings
Disc: Roval AFD1, Centerlock, CeramicSpeed bearings, QR or 12mm thru-axle end cap
Rear Hub
Rim: Roval, CNC machined alloy body, sealed cartridge bearings, DT Swiss 350 internals, 11-speed
Disc: Roval AFD2, Centerlock, sealed cartridge bearings, DT Swiss 350 internals, 11-speed, QR or 142x12mm thru-axle end cap
Assembly Method
Roval steel QR, SwissStop Black Prince brake pads (rim only), 12mm thru-axle (disc only), QR end caps (disc only)
Rim Front/Rear: 635g/845g
Disc Front/Rear: 693g/850g
Disc SCS: 850g

Custom Decals

Good news: We've partnered with STIKRD, which means that we're proud to introduce custom Roval decals. Our partnership started when we saw what these guys were doing, and how rad they were making bikes look with our wheels and custom decals. We know we're not alone in our love to make our bikes look rad, and STIKRD helps us do just that.

How does it work? Just follow the link over to and select the Roval wheelset that you have. Design your own decals, and then hang tight for a couple of days while they're printed and delivered to your doorstep. It’s that easy.

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