Rapide CLX II

Complete Speed

Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II
Rapide CLX II

Rapide CLX II

Complete Speed

Starting at: $1,175.00

Stability Equals Speed

Deep-section front rims are affected adversely by crosswinds. This negatively impacts handling, in turn causing a rider to slow down. By utilizing the first modeling algorithm designed around riders’ real-world reaction times and validated by on-road testing, we developed a front rim that both reduces drag AND increases stability by 25% in sudden wind gusts compared to our previous 50mm rims.

Two Rims, One Goal 

To build the fastest wheels possible for the dynamics encountered in real-world conditions, we developed distinctly different shapes for the Rapide CLX II front and rear rims. The result is a wheelset that catches less drag than most 65mm wheelsets and brings a dramatic 25% improvement in stability over 50mm rims in gusts, all while weighing less than many climbing wheels. Mission accomplished.

Hooked on Tubeless

The reduced rolling resistance of a tubeless setup is undeniable, as are the benefits of improved handling and incredible puncture protection. The development of the Rapide CLX II involved the most rigorous and extensive engineering and testing program that we’ve ever undertaken and resulted in a wheelset that almost doubles current industry impact standards while managing to achieve the lightest weight possible. The Rapide CLX II utilizes a hooked rim (allowing for real-world riding pressures up to 110psi, if that’s your thing) for secure tire bead retention and an easier set up and mounting experience than ever before. This is tubeless done right.

Kissing Drag Goodbye

The rear wheel is the last thing the wind sees, so we developed that rim shape to minimize drag at the trailing edge of the bike. At 60mm deep with a 30mm external width, the Rapide CLX rear rim reduces turbulence and yields the greatest aerodynamic benefit. Since the rear wheel doesn’t affect steering the way the front does, this deep section doesn’t adversely impact handling. Together, they represent the fastest package for real-world race conditions.

Systems Approach

Our AeroFlange hubs are aerodynamically optimized, with wide bracing angles for increased strength and reduced spoke weight. They also benefit from the reduced weight and increased strength of ceramic SINC bearings and the legendary durability of DT Swiss’ EXP freehub internals. Designing the hub and optimizing the spoke count enables us to lay up rim reinforcement exactly where it’s needed, at the spoke nipples, and then drill the spoke holes at precisely the angle that they will intersect with the rim. Weight is minimized, and strength is optimized.

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications

Rim Type

Rapide CLX Cabon Clincher, 700c, Disc Brake, Tubeless

Rim Details

F: 51mm Depth, 35mm External Width, 21mm Internal Width; R: 60mm Depth, 30.7mm External Width, 21mm Internal Width

Spoke Front

DT Swiss Aerolite T-head, Radial/One-cross (2:1) 18 count, DS: 257mm, NDS: 252mm

Spoke Rear

DT Swiss Aerolite T-head, One-cross/Two-cross (2:1) 24 count, DS: 243mm NDS: 249mm

Nipple Type

DT Swiss Hex Prolock Al 2.0x14mm

Front Hub

Roval AFD (AFD01) Center Lock, 100x12mm

Rear Hub

Roval AFD (AFD02R) Center Lock, DT Swiss Ratchet EXP 36t internals (10 degs), 142x12mm, Shim. RD. 11SP HG freehub


DT Swiss SINC Ceramic Bearings

Assembly Method/ Extras

Hand Built / Roval Rim Tape, Spare Spoke & Nipple Kit


Wheelset 1,520g, Front 710g, Rear 810g (including 15g, tubeless rim tape and tubeless valve)

System Weight Limit

275lbs / 125kg

Tire Size

24mm - 38mm

Tire Pressure

Max Pressure: 24mm-35mm: Tubeless (110psi) Tubed (130psi), 36mm – 38mm: Tubeless (60psi) Tubed (60psi)

Tire Pressure Recommendations

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How we made it

Made in Racing
Made in Racing

“We want the fastest option, and tires are faster than tubulars. This is a fact. Well, the next step we know it's tubeless. We raced tubeless already. We won with tubeless already.” - Ricardo Scheidecker, Technical and Development Director, Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl

Testing Tubeless

We are always chasing the fastest way from A to B, regardless of what that technology is. For the last two seasons, our tube-type wheels won 155 races on the World Tour—more than any other wheels. But we knew tubeless had the potential to make these wheels even faster. It took two years and the biggest development and testing program ever undertaken by Roval, but we can now say tubeless is truly ready. 

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Rapide CLX II


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