Control Carbon

Working-class hero with World Cup lineage

Control Carbon wheelset
Detail of Control Carbon wheel
Control Carbon front hub
Control Carbon rear hub
Control Carbon wheelset
Detail of Control Carbon wheel
Control Carbon front hub
Control Carbon rear hub

Control Carbon

Working-class hero with World Cup lineage


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Thoroughbred genetics meet workhorse dependability

Benefitting from the development process that led to our flagship Control SL, the Control Carbon features the same zero-bead-hook design and 25mm-inner width. By choosing a unique combination of composite materials and engineering a layup schedule with continuous fiber across the sidewall, we maximize strength, ride quality, and durability while keeping weight to a minimum.

Minimum weight, maximum durability, easy serviceability

Striking a no-hassle balance between low weight and low maintenance, we chose DT Swiss 350 Classic hubs (15x110mm thru-axle front, 12x148mm thru-axle rear) as the basis for the Control Carbon wheels. With sealed bearings, a notoriously durable 36-tooth ratchet, and 28 spokes front and rear, dependability is assured.

Quality throughout, from hub to spoke to nipple to rim

There is absolutely no point in laying up an awesome rim and pairing it with a quality hub, only to skimp on spokes and nipples. So, keeping strength and dependability foremost in our minds, we opted to hold the Control Carbon wheel together with the best: DT Swiss Competition Race spokes and alloy Pro Lock nipples.

Product Specifications

Tech specifications

Rim material

Carbon fiber

Rim width

25mm internal

Front spoke pattern


Rear spoke pattern


Spoke count

Front/Rear: 28/28

Nipple type

DT Swiss Brass

Spoke length

Front Right/Left: 277mm/272mm

Rear Drive-Side/Non-Drive: 273mm/274mm

Front hub

DT Swiss 350 Classic, 28h, 15x110mm thru-axle, 6-bolt, includes 15x110mm 19mm OD end caps & 31mm end caps

Rear hub

DT Swiss 350 Classic, 28h, 36t quick engagement ratchet system cassette, 12x148mm, includes SRAM XD freehub

Bearing type

Sealed cartridge

Assembly method



Tubeless valve stems

Wheelset weight


Tire pressure recommendations

Composite shop
Composite shop

Working in our Northern California composite lab, our engineers cut molds and prototype multiple versions of the Control Carbon rim, extensively testing each version in both the field and lab. The data collected from testing informs subsequent composite layup schedules, until the optimal layup schedule is achieved.


There's no substitute for the hands-on experience and meticulous attention to detail that a human being brings to the craft of wheel building. While many wheels on the market are built by machines, Roval wheels are always built by people: from lacing the hubs, to equalizing spoke tension, to truing the wheel to lateral and radial perfection.


Control Carbon