CL 50

Complete performance

CL 50 wheelset
CL 50 wheel
CL 50 wheel
Detail of CL 50 wheel rim
CL 50 wheelset
CL 50 wheel
CL 50 wheel
CL 50 wheelset
CL 50 wheel
CL 50 wheel
Detail of CL 50 wheel rim
CL 50 wheelset
CL 50 wheel
CL 50 wheel

CL 50

Complete performance


Lifetime warranty & 30 day satisfaction guarantee

Modern rim widths for modern tires

Tires are (finally) getting wider as riders everywhere begin to accept the superior efficiency and comfort benefits of wider tires. Using the same rim as our CLX 50, the CL 50 is perfectly suited for supporting new school rubber, with an inner rim width of 21mm. Additionally, the rim’s aerodynamic profile has been carefully shaped to optimize efficiency around wider tires.

A shape for all conditions

Just like the CLX 50, the CL 50 rim tests faster than shallow rims in ALL conditions, even heavy crosswinds. Aerodynamically, it outperforms many deeper-section aero rims without suffering the weight and handling drawbacks associated with deeper wheels. And it weighs a whole bunch less, too, making the CL 50 an ideal all-condition aero choice.

Faster, stronger hubs

The Aero Flange hubs found on each CL 50 wheelset are the basis of a fast, strong, light, slippery wheel. They are aerodynamically optimized, with wide bracing angles for increased strength and reduced spoke weight. In order to deliver exceptional durability and value, we hand lace hubs to rims with DT Swiss Competition spokes and finish the package with high quality DT Swiss 350 hub internals.

Product Specifications

Technical specifications

Rim type

Carbon clincher, 2Bliss Ready

Rim material


Braking surface

Carbon Fiber (rim brake only)

Rim brake track height


Rim depth


Rim width

20.7mm internal, 29.4mm external

Front spoke pattern

Rim: Radial

Disc: Two-cross/Radial (2:1)

Rear spoke pattern

Rim: Radial/Two-cross (2:1)

Disc: One-cross/Two-cross (2:1)

Spoke count

Rim: Front/Rear: 16/21

Disc: Front/Rear: 21/24

Spoke type

DT Swiss Competition Race T-head

Nipple type

DT Swiss Pro LockBrass hexagonal

Spoke length

Rim Front Right/Left: 256mm/256mm

Rim Rear Drive-Side/Non-Drive: 249mm/256mm

Disc Front Right/Left: 256mm/255mm

Disc Rear Drive-Side/Non-Drive: 252mm/258mm

Front hub

Rim: Roval AF1, sealed cartridge bearings

Disc: Roval AFD1, Centerlock, sealed cartridge bearings, quick-release or 12mm thru-axle end cap

Rear hub

Rim: Roval AF1, sealed cartridge bearings, DT Swiss 350 internals, 11-speed

Disc: Roval AFD2, Centerlock, sealed cartridge bearings, DT Swiss 350 internals, 11-speed, quick-release or 142x12mm thru-axle end cap

Assembly method



Rim: Roval steel quick-releases, Roval tubeless plugs and valves, SwissStop Black Prince brake pads

Disc: Roval steel quick-releases, Roval tubeless plugs and valves, Front quick-release & 12mm end caps, Rear quick-release & 142x12 thru-axle end caps

Wheelset weight

Disc: 1515g

Tire pressure recommendations

How we made it

Wind tunnel
Wind tunnel

Using the aerodynamic data gleaned from the CFD process, our technicians created 3D printed models of the CLX 50 rim and tested them in our wind tunnel.  Working the physical model at various yaw angles, with a real tire mounted, installed in a real bike, the team generated drag data that was used to further optimize the CLX 50 rim design.

Systems approach
Systems approach

We engineer and build our wheels as an integrated whole to deliver performance that can’t be achieved by designing a rim and then sourcing third party parts for the rest. Example? We layup the CL 50 rims and drill spoke holes at precisely the angle the nipple will interface with the rim, ensuring reliability and the lightest weight possible.

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