Alpinist CLX II

Elevate Your Ride

Alpinist CLX II
Alpinist CLX II
Alpinist CLX II
Alpinist CLX II
Alpinist CLX II
Alpinist CLX II
Alpinist CLX II
Alpinist CLX II
Alpinist CLX II
Alpinist CLX II

Alpinist CLX II

Elevate Your Ride

Starting at: $1,075.00

Systems Approach

It takes more than a lightweight rim to deliver the incredible reactivity and handling of the tubeless Alpinist CLX II. The wheelset is designed as a system with our engineers controlling and testing every part of that system—hubs, rims, spokes, lacing—and developing it hand-in-hand with Specialized Tubeless tires. The result is a 1250-gram tubeless wheelset with an otherworldly ride quality designed for real-world road pressures. 

Low Mass. Massive Durability.

The Alpinist CLX II rim is a work of art. It features the most precise carbon layup we have ever created, the result of over 50 different iterations, hundreds of impact tests, and countless hours on the road. They react to even the slightest increase in power with immediate acceleration and carve the purest of lines in the corners, yet they can also handle almost double the impact standards of every certifying body. This is instant acceleration and supreme durability, two years in the making. 

Hooked on Tubeless

The reduced rolling resistance of a tubeless setup is undeniable, as are the benefits of improved handling and incredible puncture protection. It took the most extensive and demanding engineering and testing program that we’ve ever undertaken, along with two years of exhaustive real-world evaluation to reach the point where we can say that road tubeless is ready for prime time. As a result of this extensive development, the Alpinist CLX II features a hooked rim that can handle a huge range of pressures up to 110psi and offers an easier set up and mounting experience than ever. This is tubeless done right. 

Lighter, Stronger, Faster 

Our all-new LightAF hubs are the spinning heart of the Alpinist CLX II. We carved 50 grams out of the previous Alpinist CLX hub with new low-profile hub bodies and machined rotor mounts. Inside, DT Swiss EXP internals and SINC ceramic bearings deliver silky-smooth efficiency and outstanding durability. 

Product Specifications

Technical specifications

Rim Type

Alpinist CLX Cabon Clincher, 700c, Disc Brake, Tubeless

Rim Details

33mm Depth, 27mm External Width, 21mm Internal Width

Spoke Front

DT Swiss Aerolite T-head, Radial/One-cross (2:1) 21 count, DS: 276mm, NDS: 290mm

Spoke Rear

DT Swiss Aerolite T-head, One-cross/Two-cross (2:1), DS: 288mm NDS: 286mm

Nipple Type

DT Swiss Hex Prolock Al 2.0x14mm

Front Hub

Roval LFD (LFD13) Center Lock, 100x12mm

Rear Hub

Roval LFD (LF14R) Center Lock, DT Swiss Ratchet EXP 36t internals (10 degs), 142x12mm, Shim. RD. 11SP HG freehub


DT Swiss SINC Ceramic Bearings

Assembly Method/ Extras

Hand Built / Roval Rim Tape, Spare Spoke & Nipple Kit


Wheelset 1,265g, Front 570g, Rear 694g (including 15g, tubeless rim tape and tubeless valve)

System Weight Limit

275lb / 125kg

Tire Size

24mm - 38mm

Tire Pressure

Max Pressure: 24mm-35mm: Tubeless (110psi) Tubed (130psi), 36mm – 38mm: Tubeless (60psi) Tubed (60psi)

Tire Pressure Recommendations

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How we made it

Made in racing
Made in racing

“We want the fastest option, and tires are faster than tubulars. This is a fact. Well, the next step we know it's tubeless. We raced tubeless already. We won with tubeless already.” - Ricardo Scheidecker, Technical and Development Director, Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl

Testing Tubeless

We are always chasing the fastest way from A to B, regardless of what that technology is. For the last two seasons, our tube-type wheels won 155 races on the World Tour—more than any other wheels. But we knew tubeless had the potential to make these wheels even faster. It took two years and the biggest development and testing program ever undertaken by Roval, but we can now say tubeless is truly ready. 

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Alpinist CLX II


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