Our Promise

Male cyclist's legs riding bicycle with mountain range in background

We are true to your ride, however that takes shape, wherever that ride takes you, and whoever the ride transforms you into.

At some point, riding hooked you. It grew from an activity motivated by fun, health, or utility, to a healthy affliction that you’ll never live without. It went from being something you did to being part of who you are.

Maybe it happened when you were a kid, racing through the bracing air on your way to school. Or later in life when you crossed the finish line of your first century. Maybe it was the first time you caught air. Whatever the catalyst, riding bikes got under your skin. We get it. It happened to us, too.

“True to your ride” is how we voice our commitment to you. Your ride is important to us, because, as riders, we know firsthand that riding is more than just an activity. It’s an essential experience that enriches our lives. We are dedicated to improving that experience for you. 

In fact, we are dedicated beyond reason to improving your ride; you can see it in the way we obsess over every design detail, select only the highest quality materials, and consistently blow budgets investing in our development team and innovation lab (you don’t want to know what our wind tunnel cost to build).

Dramatic image on bike being tested on wind tunnel

Our obsession is revealed in our commitment to the best pro riders in the world, who help us test and continually improve our products, and reflects across all our products in the attention to detail that only hand building can yield.

Peter Sagan en-route to the first Paris-Roubaix victory on aero carbon wheels
Peter Sagan en-route to the first Paris-Roubaix victory on aero carbon wheels.

A healthy obsession has its benefits. In the case of our wheels, that means the best ride characteristics, reliability you can count on, a lifetime warranty, and the most conscientious, “we've got your back” level of after-sales support available.

Our people

The engineers and designers who develop each Roval product, the athletes and ambassadors who test our wheels in the crucible of real-world competition: every one of us shares something in common. We want to make our rides better. We want the same for you as well.

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Our process

Wheel design is a dance of complexity. It’s easy to make something light; to design it to be light, great riding and durable is whole different matter.  See how we do it.

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