Our People

Daniel Oss excitedly tossing Roval wheel in air

We are true to your ride.

The engineers and designers who develop each Roval product, the athletes and ambassadors who test our wheels in the crucible of real-world competition: every one of us shares something in common. We are all bike riders chasing the same goal: We want to make our rides better. We want the same for you as well.

Image of engineer working on bike alongside image of woman standing in front of several bike wheels

Peel back a layer or two, strip out an Olympic medal here, an engineering degree there, and we are you. We are people who just want to ride our bikes. At some point, each and every one of us got so stoked on riding bikes that we couldn’t think of anything else we’d rather be doing. We get how important riding bikes is for you, because that’s how it is for us. True To Your Ride is an ethos that is expressed through human experience.

Male on computer while female riding a test bike in background

We say “we” a lot at Roval. In the big picture sense, we mean “we” as in all of us here and all of you out there. At the brand level, “we” means every person who helps bring our product to life. Everyone here is dedicated to improving our ride and improving your ride. We are bike nerds, first and foremost. We are composite engineers with multiple patents to our names and old race numbers pinned to the cubicle wall.

Male and female riding bikes and smiling

We are aerodynamicists who turned down jobs at NASA because we are so deep in the bike culture. Some of us are professional racers, some of us were professional racers, some of us have never pinned on a race number but can tell you where every hot spring in Nevada is hidden. Every one of us appreciates a good tailwind. That’s what we are in the business of making: invisible tailwinds.