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We make wheels that are true to the ride. After all, what defines us is how our wheels improve your ride ride. That's why we relentlessly innovate on the road, on the trail, and in the Win Tunnel to create the fastest, toughest, lightest, and best riding wheels out there.

Custom Decals

Good news: We've partnered with STIKRD, which means that we're proud to introduce custom Roval decals. Our partnership started when we saw what these guys were doing, and how rad they were making bikes look with our wheels and custom decals. We know we're not alone in our love to make our bikes look rad, and STIKRD helps us do just that.

How does it work? Just follow the link over to and select the Roval wheelset that you have. Design your own decals, and then hang tight for a couple of days while they're printed and delivered to your doorstep. It’s that easy.

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