Rapide C 38

World Tour Performance for Everyone

Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38
Rapide C 38

Rapide C 38

World Tour Performance for Everyone


Millimeters that matter

Wider tires roll faster, and are more comfortable, than narrow tires. The tubeless ready, 21-mm internal width of the C 38 is optimized for use with modern, wider tires, providing them with the right amount of sidewall support to facilitate surefooted handling in all conditions. At a depth of 38mm, the C 38 rim is a great handling, lively climbing, robust all-round performer that also aerodynamically outperforms many deeper, aero-specific rims.


With two main goals in mind—long life and easy serviceability—we looked to Switzerland. The C 38 uses an ultra-reliable, rapid engagement DT 370 star-ratchet freehub for smooth power transmission and long-term dependability. Similarly, DT Swiss Competition spokes were chosen to lace hub to rim, and finished with brass Pro-Lock nipples.

Hand built quality throughout

The premium components that make up this wheel are assembled together into the final product by hand. They are laced, tensioned, checked, and tensioned again by practiced, professional craftsmen: an added layer of quality control that machines cannot match.

Product Specifications

Technical specifications

Rim type

Carbon clincher, 2Bliss Ready

Rim material


Braking surface

Disc brake only

Rim depth


Rim width

21mm internal, 26.6mm external

Front spoke pattern


Rear spoke pattern


Spoke count

Front/Rear: 24/24

Spoke type

DT Swiss Competition Race J-bend

Nipple type

DT Swiss Pro Lock Brass hexagonal

Spoke length

Front: 262mm drive, 273mm nondrive

Rear: 271mm drive, 273mm nondrive

Front hub

DT Swiss 370 Disc for Roval, 100x12mm, Center Lock™

Rear hub

DT Swiss 370 Disc, 18T Ratchet LN, 142x12mm, Center Lock™, 11-speed

Bearing Type

Sealed Steel Cartridge Bearings

Assembly method



Roval tubeless tape and tubeless valves

Set weight

1600g w/ Tubeless Rim Tape

System Weight Limit

125kg / 275lbs

Tire pressure recommendations

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How we made it


There's no substitute for the hands-on experience and meticulous attention to detail that a human being brings to the craft of wheel building. While many wheels on the market are built by machines, Roval wheels are always built by people: from lacing the hubs, to equalizing spoke tension, to truing the wheel to lateral and radial perfection.

Composite shop
Composite shop

Before a wheel goes into production, we do all of the engineering, prototyping, and iterating in our Northern California innovation center. This includes machining the massive molds as well as laying up and producing the prototype rims. This kind of integrated, hands-on approach accelerates development and enables optimization that’s simply not possible any other way.


Rapide C 38





Rim Type


Brake Type




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