Traverse Carbon

Performance to the people

Traverse Carbon
Detail of Traverse Carbon wheel
Traverse Carbon front hub
Traverse Carbon rear hub
Traverse Carbon
Detail of Traverse Carbon wheel
Traverse Carbon front hub
Traverse Carbon rear hub

Traverse Carbon

Performance to the people


Fashionably wide, tough as nails, and hook-free

The zero-bead-hook rim bed of the Traverse Carbon has a generous 30mm internal width. This offers better sidewall support with modern wider tires, leading to less tire deformation and squirm—especially when cornering or jumping - resulting in more predictable and surefooted handling.

Swiss precision and long haul dependability

DT Swiss 350 Classic hubs handle the abuse front and rear, with sealed cartridge bearings prevailing through seasons of dust and muck, and a tough-as-nails, 36-tooth rapid engagement freehub ratchet ensuring responsive and reliable power transfer.

Elegant utility

Tried and true DT Swiss Competition J-bend spokes lace the rims to the hubs. 28 of them per wheel. Spokes of the same length for both sides of each wheel, same length front and rear. Brass nipples, too. Solid stuff, unlikely to creak or corrode or fail. Easy to replace if you happen to jam a stick through the spokes (this is mountain biking; these things happen sometimes). Durable, serviceable, hassle-free.

Product Specifications

Technical specifications

Rim material

Carbon fiber

Rim width

30mm internal

Front spoke pattern


Rear spoke pattern


Spoke count

Front/Rear: 28/28

Nipple type

DT Swiss Brass

Spoke length

29 Front Right/Left: 282mm/279mm

29 Rear Drive-Side/Non-Drive: 280mm/281mm

27.5 Front Right/Left: 264mm/260mm

27.5 Rear Drive-Side/Non-Drive: 261mm/262mm

Front hub

DT Swiss 350 Classic, 28h, 15x110mm thru-axle, 6-bolt, includes 15x110mm 19mm OD end caps & 31mm end caps

Rear hub

DT Swiss 350 Classic, 28h, 36t quick engagement ratchet system cassette, includes SRAM XX1 XD freehub

Bearing Type

Sealed cartridge

Assembly method



Tubeless valve stems

Wheelset weight

29: 1800g

27.5: 1700g

Tire pressure recommendations

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How we made it

Systems approach
Systems approach

Roval wheels are engineered and built as an integrated whole. This “Systems Approach” delivers performance that can’t be achieved by designing a rim and sourcing third party parts for the rest. Example? We layup our rims and drill spoke holes precisely where and at precisely the angle that the nipple will interface with the rim, ensuring reliability and no creaking.

Test lab
Test lab

Thousands of hours of punishing lab testing—simulating exaggerated real world forces - ensures that the Traverse Carbon wheels are up to the task. Comparing this test data against every respected trail wheel in the market demonstrates that the deflection and durability of Traverse Carbon wheels meets or beats anything out there.

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