Dramatic closeup of Chuck Teixeira

Chuck Versus the World

This is Chuck Teixeira. He’s one of our lead engineers, and is the living embodiment of the phrase “born on wheels.” Maybe not actually born on wheels, but real damn close. More

Julian Alaphilippe finishing race as fans cheer him on in costumes

A Wheel For All Seasons?

This sleek and handsome pair of hoops is our CLX32 wheelset. A subtly aerodynamic rim that outperforms many deeper… More

USA female cyclist holding Roval wheel in front of face

Get On My Wheel

“Get on my wheel” he said, looking back over his shoulder and pointing a finger as he motored past. The first time most of us… More

Male rider shouting during race with mud all over himself

True to your Ride

This blog exists to talk about aspects of our brand beyond the standard glossy catalog photos. It is a place where we want to… More