Cyclist intensely riding bike during race on road

The Fastest Wheel in The World

In 2014, the UCI updated its rules regarding the Track Hour Record, with the unveiling of the single classification Unified Hour Record. This sparked a surge of renewed interest amongst athletes looking to stamp their legacy on what is regarded as the most tortuous sixty minutes in all of cycling.... More

Historical image of man fixing a rider's bike from the car door

The Un-Conspiracy of Hub Spacing

Change, it has been noted, does not occur in a vacuum. Change is a dynamic force, a reaction to shifting needs. Once change occurs, the scene is then set for more changes to be enacted. More

Dramatic closeup of Chuck Teixeira

Chuck Versus the World

This is Chuck Teixeira. He’s one of our lead engineers, and is the living embodiment of the phrase “born on wheels.” Maybe not actually born on wheels, but real damn close. More

Julian Alaphilippe finishing race as fans cheer him on in costumes

A Wheel For All Seasons?

This sleek and handsome pair of hoops is our CLX32 wheelset. A subtly aerodynamic rim that outperforms many deeper… More