Want the Best Gravel Bike? Get the Best Gravel Wheelset.

Want the Best Gravel Bike? Get the Best Gravel Wheelset.

The true spirit of gravel is as elusive as it is prevalent. Writers and riders alike prattle on about searching for it, about finding it, about living it, but what actually is it? Is it bike-packing trips into the great wide unknown, searching for lost roads uncharted by the legions of Stravateers? Is it finding the best gravel bike, the best gravel wheelset, or the best gravel frame to try your luck at Unbound and smash the local KOMs? Where the road ends and gravel begins, we find answers to questions we didn’t know we had. 

“Can I make it home?” 

“Why didn’t I layer?”

“Will I freeze to death if I have to sleep under this oak?” 

“Will a new gravel bike make me master of the backcountry?” 

Progress marches on, and your feed has become inundated with all the beautiful new gravel bikes on the market, boasting their superior performance. Yours is killer, but let’s face it - these new gravel bikes are starting to look pretty good. 

Lucky for you, you don’t need a fresh new gravel bike in 2022 if you want to inject some serious performance into your gravel game. You need a new gravel wheelset. May we humbly suggest a set of Roval Terra wheels.  

The Secret to Ripping On Gravel is the Best Gravel Wheelset.

Roval’s Terra gravel wheelsets will give you comfort, control, and speed on the trail with the bike you already have and inspire the confidence to go find the true spirit of gravel for yourself. 

The Terra family of wheels from Roval are the best gravel wheels in the world, check the results. They’ve earned multiple Unbound victories and show no signs of slowing down. The top-of-the-line Terra CLX gravel wheelset are all-road monsters capable of handling whatever terrain you can throw at them, on whatever gravel bike you have. Compatible with a wide range of tires from 28c all the way up to 47c the Terra CLX rely on hooked rims to handle high and low pressures just the same. They are crazy light, the lightest gravel wheelset on the market, coming in at 1296g with an internal rim width of 25mm, and are tubeless ready right out of the box. 

They don’t just work on gravel. Terras wheels are supremely road worthy. Fast, aero, and light, throw some 28c’s on these bad boys and you’ll be climbing like a pro. We refused to sacrifice weight for durability and reliability on the gravel.

Doing it all is something we pride ourselves upon, and every wheel in the Terra family - Terra CLX, Terra CLX EVO, Terra CL, or Terra C - wheels will do it all for a long, long time. At Roval, our testing process is one of a kind. These wheels spent years in the lab before ever seeing the light of day; the results are a gravel wheelset that stands the test of time and trail. Ride thousands of miles on anything and everything. One wheelset to rule them all.

How Will the Best Gravel Bike Wheelset Really Improve My ride?

In the simplest of terms, a Terra gravel wheelset will be able to better seat a bigger tire due to its internal width, run at a lower pressure, and hold up to the demanding nature of gravel riding. Lower tire pressure on the dirt lets more rubber contact the ground, meaning more traction. More traction means less slippage on tough gradients, and more grip sending the downhill. The ultra-lightweight means your bike will come alive under acceleration and in the hills. Plus, Roval quality is so high the Terra CLX comes with a lifetime warranty and crash replacement. This gravel wheelset will not quit, and confidence in your equipment will have you worrying less and ripping more whether you’re deep in the backcountry or around the corner on your local dirt roads. 

In even simpler terms you’ll have more fun without setting up a whole new rig. Who knew the best gravel bike is your bike with the best gravel wheelset? The Roval Terra family will transform your bike into an unstoppable gravel machine, it will get you over the next ridge so you can scope out a campsite or get you down the windy road home without any spills. Covered in dirt, teeth gleaming white in contrast to your sweaty dust-caked face, you’ll pass the roadie with their gleaming white socks and instill fear and awe. A smile plastered on your face that will last you many, many days. The face of madness, chasing answers without questions and finding clarity through stinging eyes on slow climbs and fast descents. You don’t need a new gravel bike. The best gravel bike is the one you already have. The only thing missing is a set of Roval Terra wheels. View the Terra line here, and explore off the beaten path with confidence and speed.

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