TERRA – Expand Your Ride Horizon

TERRA – Expand Your Ride Horizon

That was the phrase we employed a year ago when we introduced the revolutionary new Terra CLX and CLX Evo wheels. Our goal was to bring the carbon fiber technology and performance of our flagship road wheels to the gravel and bikepacking scene. Those initial Terra wheels set new benchmarks for mixed-terrain performance in every measurable sense. Wide and light and strong and smooth, ideally suited to any tires wider than 28c, they bring enhanced ride comfort, broad-ranging versatility and long-haul capability to an incredibly wide swathe of riding terrain. Capable of eating up smooth pavement alongside the lightest dedicated road wheels, they don’t flinch when the pavement ends and the going gets chunky, and they serve as fitting flagship wheels to define the Terra family ethos: Wherever the road may lead, however rough that road may get, Terra will get you there and back.

Now, with a mission to expand your ride horizons, we’ve expanded the Terra range. The Terra family is geared toward adventure and exploration, without sacrificing the performance attributes that define Roval Components. The goal of Terra is to enable and inspire unconstrained exploration. With that ethos as our polestar, we are offering more wheels, more price points, as well as introducing handlebars and seatposts. Every product under the Terra umbrella is designed to help you go farther, explore further, in more comfort, with less fatigue, and with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your gear was designed for tough duty over the long haul.

Roval Terra CL rim


Terra CL

Roval Terra CL rocking it

Following directly in the tire tracks of the Terra CLX, the new Terra CL utilizes the same super light, incredibly tough rim as our flagship wheel. It’s a hook bead, 33mm deep carbon fiber rim with a 25mm inner width that plays well with tubeless setup and allows you to mount tires anywhere from 28mm to 47mm wide, at whatever pressure you feel like running. In a nod to accessibility, durability and real-world serviceability, we opted to use ultra-dependable DT Swiss 350 hubs and lace them to the rims with DT Swiss Competition Straightpull spokes.

The net effect of these changes is a wheelset that is almost as light as our incredibly light Terra CLX, offering close to the same benchmark performance, but with more easily sourced spokes in the event of some back-of-beyond carnage and a price tag that is about half that of our flagship product.

Terra C

Roval Terra C hub and disc

Taking the notion of combining flagship performance with workhorse dependability one step further, we’re introducing the Terra C. This shares the same hub and spoke architecture as the Terra CL, ensuring ease of service and spoke replacement should the need arise, and is paired with an entirely new rim layup. The rims on the Terra C share the same dimensions and broad range of tire mounting possibilities as the Terra CLX and CL – 33mm deep with a 25mm internal width – but are crafted using a new-to-us process known as Resin Transfer Molding. This is an automated process that allows us to very precisely control how resin is introduced to the layup, which in turn ensures maximum strength and material performance. The end result is an incredibly tough set of wheels that you can beat on to hell and back.

Terra Handlebar

Roval Terra handlebar on black background

Contact points - those spots where our bodies meet our bikes - are crucial areas for comfort and control. Get it wrong, and even the best bikes can be miserable to ride. We developed the new Terra handlebar to offer exceptional comfort in demanding conditions. To achieve this, we utilized an optimized blend of carbon fiber and a design that really takes into account the physiological demands placed on hands and arms in mixed terrain riding. The bar tops are an ergonomic “egg” shape that a shallow drop and short reach optimize comfort and control when riding in the drops, and a 12-degree flare starts in the drops and opens up the ends of the bars for clean control alignment and optimal all-terrain comfort. Integrated internal Di2 routing adds a stylish finish to this all-road superstar.

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