If You Build It, They Will Come…

If You Build It, They Will Come…

We want to talk about some things here. Using this blog to do just that. What on earth might we want to talk about, if not to speak of shiny parts and fast people? Well, we want to talk about places. And people. And trails. And intersectionality. And we want to talk about bikes and why we love them and how we use them and how they make our lives better or more whole and how they might possibly be time machines but can definitely save the world and how they are made and who makes them and who really pours their love into them and why. Because that fascination with all things BIKE is why we do what we do.

The wheel is a beautiful thing. It is one of the most revolutionary (Ha!) pieces of mechanical advantage ever dreamed up, and ranks right up there with fire as one of the tools by which humankind has advanced itself. But the wheel needs context. It needs not just a bicycle, but roads and trails, bicycle framebuilders and trail builders, community advocates who work to protect or expand places to ride. The wheel needs heroes and madmen, it needs inspiration. 

So, we are going to start talking about those heroes and madmen here, on this site. The goal of this isn’t to sell more wheels, or handlebars, or whatever. The goal is to have a conversation about the bigger picture that we are just one small part of, to shed light on people and places where beautiful and inspiring and good things are happening. We want to introduce people who inspire us, and who we believe in. We want to shine a light on people and places and movements that, like us, are True To Your Ride.

We’re calling this BUILT. Alongside the usual diet of technical dives and race speculation and new product information, we are going to start talking about people who are BUILDING – building bikes, building trails, building communities, building momentum.

Why are we doing this? Because all the shiny new stuff in the world is useless without inspiration, without context, without a reason to exist. Within BUILT, we hope to shed light on some of the people/places/ideas that help us reach beyond the narrow focus of the newest lightest fastest stuff, and in so doing we can remind ourselves why we are here in the first place, and maybe give you something to think about at the same time. No hard sell, no superlatives, no thinly veiled corporatespeak. Metaphorically, BUILT represents the scratchy old wool jersey in our wardrobe full of skinsuits, the chainstay rubbed clean of paint by the spinning passage of countless heels, the ribbon of singletrack without any tire tracks on it at all, the bike shop tucked away on that side street that you’ve always wanted to stop and check out.

BUILT. Watch this space, Thanks for riding with us.

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