Get On My Wheel!

Get On My Wheel!

Fabio Jakobsen lit it up to win the sprint on Stage 2 of this year’s Tour De France, and in so doing kicked our latest Get On My Wheel campaign into gear. In honor of his win, we are giving away a set of our super fast Rapide CLX II wheels. This is your chance to gain some of the same secret speed that Fabio leveraged to smash his bike across the finish line ahead of the world’s fastest sprinters.

We love this time of year. For us here at Roval, Le Tour is the grand stage where all our hard work gets put to the ultimate test by the best riders in the world during a three week long pageant of suffering and sublime beauty. July, in France, there’s nowhere else we’d rather be. The Quickstep-AlphaVinyl, Bora-Hansgrohe and Total Energies squads are all stacked with powerful talent and riding our wheels, fighting for every fraction of a second in the hunt for stage victories and GC placing. And it is electrifying to witness the sheer power of all these athletes as they wind it up in the final few hundred meters. This is the limit of human performance, and the ultimate crucible where their equipment can either make their day or break their dreams.

For the rest of us, whenever we stand up and punch out every watt we can muster, the stakes are a LOT lower. But at the same time, that same rush, that same feeling of turning energy into speed is what we live for. That feeling, putting everything on the line, reaching to be our fastest, is the central guiding principle behind the Rapide CLX II. We designed these wheels to be the fastest wheels in the world, in real world conditions. They are feathery light, smooth riding, stable in messy wind conditions, precise handling, tubeless compatible and strong enough to withstand the constant high wattage output of the world’s best riders battling on the world’s most demanding roads. These wheels are good enough to help the best in the world win, and may just be good enough for you to have the best ride of your life.

So, help us celebrate Fabio’s opening sprint (and while we’re at it, let’s have a standing ovation for Yves Lampaert and his prologue victory!) by signing up to win a set of the same wheels that sped him to victory. This is your chance to Get On His Wheel. Visit this link to win a pair of your very own:

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