Get On My Wheel

USA female cyclist holding Roval wheel in front of face

“Get on my wheel” he said, looking back over his shoulder and pointing a finger as he motored past. The first time most of us heard those words, in that context, was most likely as we were drifting off the back of the group, pedaling frustrated and ever-weakening squares, when some elder savior, every muscle on his time-worn legs defined as if carved in place, saw our distress and pulled us up from our flailing. Maybe we made it back to the group, learned that first potent lesson about digging deep and suffering, only to get spat out the back a few miles later as they wound up for the town limit sprint.

Those same words, uttered right when we needed to learn them most, became a defined part of our cycling language. Get On My Wheel. I am here to help. Let’s do this together. We took the wheel, we learned to become better riders. Later, we offered the same, to other riders who were struggling as we had. Get On My Wheel. I am here to help. This cooperation, even amongst racers competing against each other, is foundational. Without it, the peloton would fall apart. The wind would rule us all.

Cyclists racing on dirt path as spectators cheer them on

So, here we have #getonmywheel. It’s a play on those words, a sweepstakes, featuring our most notable athletes from all aspects of cycling. As a sweepstakes, it’s a chance for you to win a wheelset - any Roval wheelset - of your choosing. As a metaphor, who wouldn’t want to get pulled to the front by Peter Sagan? As a secondary metaphor, we live these words; in our rides, in our lives, and in the wheels we make.

We touched on this a bit in our introductory blog post. We talked about how our rallying call is “True To The Ride.” In this case, you could play out the pun, about how a true wheel rolls straight. But more than that, what we mean is that we care about the ride. It’s more than exercise, more than transport, more than sport. Most of us here have been riding since not long after we could walk, and The Ride matters to us physically, socially, and spiritually. For us, remaining true to the ride is a matter of commitment.

We are throwing our chips down right there, on “commitment.” Our engineers are obsessed with improving the bicycle wheel. Maybe not reinventing the wheel, but refining and evolving it, building on every successful improvement. Their quest is endless in this regard. We are committed to making better wheels. That is because we are committed to improving your ride. We want to offer you that wheel, in this case a wheel that will provide genuine, measurable performance benefits, a wheel that will outperform your expectations, that will serve you reliably for a very long time, that will come with a lifetime warranty in case anything goes wrong (at our end or yours), and that will make you smile every time you click into your pedals. Bearing that in mind, we want you to get on our wheel, because we believe in our wheels. And because we want your ride to be better because of them.

That’s all fine and dandy as far as metaphors go, but what about out in the real world? If we can’t personally pace you back up to the break, and in the absence of Peter Sagan, or Niki Terpstra, or Julian Alaphilippe, or Fernando Garviria, or Kate Courtney (hey there, fresh new WORLD CHAMP!), or Maghalie Rochette, or Annika Langvad, or Jaroslav Kulhavy, or Christoph Sauser, or Alan Atherly, or Simon Andreasson, or Howard Grotts, or Curtis Keene, or Chris Blevins, or, well, you get the picture… in the absence of any of THEM being on hand to be your lead-out team, then we still want you to get on our wheel. Literally.

Think of it as our way of having some skin in the game.

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