5 Questions With Ian Boswell

5 Questions With Ian Boswell

Recently we sat down with a few Roval Riders and Athletes to find out a bit more
about what drives them on and off the bike. To start the series, we ask Ian
Boswel the hard questions, about snacks!

1. Favorite technical innovation within cycling in the last 10 years?

I'd have to say setting up all my bikes tubeless has been my favorite innovation
over the last ten years. Three years ago I was very reluctant to set up my bikes
tubeless, I knew tubes, knew how to change and fix them and I just didn't know
how or why I would ride tubeless. That all changed very quickly when I started
doing more gravel events. The advantages of tubeless are endless and the pop
when a new tire is mounted and seats in the rim is so satisfying.

2. All-time favorite ride food that you can trust to keep a bonk at bay?

A dense rice crispy treat is my go to if I stop at a gas station or bakery.
Homemade is always better than the ones that come in the blue wrapper and if
they have little bits of chocolate or marshmallows that aren't fully dissolved or if
you see butter at the bottom of the plastic wrap, you know it's going to be a good

3. Most memorable ride in the last year?

My most memorable ride of 2022 was at SBT GRVL. I returned as the runner up
from the long course in 2021, not to race but to ride and support. Upon a
Specialized Creo, fully loaded with panniers and supplies, I started at the back of
the middle length course and was an acting on course neutral support rider. I
helped fix a number of flat tires, shared snacks and hydration and shared my
sunscreen with a number of other folks who, like me, didn't want to get burnt in
the high Colorado sun. Riding an event with the masses opened my eyes even
wider to the huge range of people who enjoy bikes, it inspired me seeing so
many people from all over the world out riding together and sharing a wonderful
day on man's most valuable invention, the bike.

4. Do you have any pre-ride rituals that you need to do because of superstition?

I don't have any pre-event or ride rituals, however I do always have a few sticks
of gum in my pocket. It's something I've done for over a decade now and even if
it races like the Tour de France, I would often pull out a stick of gum every few
hours and refresh my supply. I guess I find it refreshing. During a long
unstimulating ride it keeps me entertained, and during a wet coldy ride, I'll try to
get some tropical gum so I can be taken away to some far off plant and pretend I
am eating some tropical fruit on a beach while laying in the sand relaxing.

5. What Roval wheels do you run and why?

I ride the Roval Terra CLX, it's the wheel that does it all for me at the many mixed
surface events I attend. There are a lot of equipment choices to be made ahead
of a gravel event, and I find great comfort and confidence in knowing that my
wheels aren't one of the choices I have to make. Whether it's a flatter/fast gravel
event like the Unbound 200, or a climbing heavy course like the Vermont
Overland, I know I am going to be riding the Terra CLX and know they will endure
anything I put them through while being the fastest and lightest wheels over all
courses and conditions.

Follow Ian on his adventures here. We will be adding a new 5 Questions every
week through the new year, make sure to check back often!

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