The Gravel Horizon

Light enough to give a road climbing purist heart palpitations. Strong enough to make mountain bikers and Clydesdales smile while daydreaming of warp speed descents. Versatile enough to ride from here to...everywhere. Roval is proud to introduce a new range of wheels: Terra.

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Finding the One Percent

The life of a professional athlete can look glamorous from the comfort of the spectator’s seat. But armchair quarterbacks and pub pundits don’t often comprehend the years and years of rigorous physical conditioning, monastic living and mental toughness that go into making a world-class athlete.

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Roval in the media

“One of Roval’s strongest messages revolves around the low weight of each wheelset, which trump all of Zipp’s products, including its opulent NSW builds, as well as some of Enve’s wheelsets.”

"[Roval] hit the mark with the Traverse wheels… They're built to last, with an excellent ride feel and reliable performance out on the trail.”

"When it comes to the intangible ride feel factor, the [Roval] CLX 32 wheels are great, and we’re probably going to keep on riding them until [Roval] tells us to send them back."

"The CLX 50 is aimed squarely at the all-around road title. It’s light, it’s tubeless, and it’s wide, plus it packs in impressive aerodynamics to give it the full package."

"Is the Control SL 29 stiff enough for aggressive XC racing or trail riding? Yes."