“I want to continue to attack, to enjoy, to race with panache"

- Julian Alaphilippe

Blevins ends 26-year drought

UCI World Cup XCO SnowShoe

History. Made.

A Wheel Commitment To The Tour

The Brawler's Return

Buckle up, folks. It’s time for the Tour De France!

Betting Against The House

Attempting the Spring Classics with inner tubes


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Roval in the media

“One of Roval’s strongest messages revolves around the low weight of each wheelset, which trump all of Zipp’s products, including its opulent NSW builds, as well as some of Enve’s wheelsets.”

"[Roval] hit the mark with the Traverse wheels… They're built to last, with an excellent ride feel and reliable performance out on the trail.”

"When it comes to the intangible ride feel factor, the [Roval] CLX 32 wheels are great, and we’re probably going to keep on riding them until [Roval] tells us to send them back."

"The CLX 50 is aimed squarely at the all-around road title. It’s light, it’s tubeless, and it’s wide, plus it packs in impressive aerodynamics to give it the full package."

"Is the Control SL 29 stiff enough for aggressive XC racing or trail riding? Yes."

"If you are looking for a way to make your bike roll faster, feel lighter and be more fun, I recommend the Terra CLX wheelset from Roval. Less weight, high PSI tolerance and compatibility with a wide array of tire sizes make them indispensable."

"The Roval Terra CLX wheelset was built for high-end gravel bikes, but don’t pin them as “just a gravel wheel” because if I could choose just one wheelset, these just might be it."

"Considering how much time I spend riding through forests, singletrack and open gravel roads my rolling stock option would be a toss-up between 700c or 650b wheels from Roval - the Terra CLX or Terra CLX Evo."

"When you think of ultralight climbing wheels, what comes to mind? Über-fragile wheels that compromise on ride quality to chase the lowest weight possible? That’s unfortunately often the case. But Roval challenges those norms with the Alpinist CLX, the lightest road clincher wheels that the brand has ever made—which do a whole lot more than just climb."

"Climbing is where the wheels really excel and I have been loving (possibly not the best word) smashing some of my local climbs. The wheels are stiff enough to transfer the power when you really want to kick on the steeper pitches, and I found them perfect for these high-powered efforts, with no discernible flex."

"What distinguishes the Alpinist CL wheels apart from others is the weight, which is in part a function of rim shape."

"The [Rapide CLX] wheelset combines the aero properties of the World Championship-winning CLX64 aero wheels with the CLX32 lightweight wheels, raced by Julian Alaphillipe at last year's Tour de France."

"There's that real feeling of free speed from the Roval Rapide CLX wheels, that sense that you're slipping through the air and being propelled forward faster and faster for the same effort."

"As the CLX 50 has been my wheelset of choice for the past two years, I was eager to test these claims. I didn't have to wait long to find out, as even my first ride was positively blustery and yet I'm not having to write this from a ditch. The Rapides aren't just impressive for their depth, but impressive full stop."

"At 1240g, the Roval Control SL Team wheel is the lightest wheel that Roval has ever made. Bearing in mind that Roval makes road race wheels for Tour de France teams, that is quite a statement. And while its previous Control SL wheels were no slouches, there has been an astounding amount of work gone into these new wheels to remove weight and also increase durability."

"If it seems like Roval is just showing off at this point, it’s possible they are. But at over $2,500 for a pair, that’s what you’re paying for—a wheelset like this is what happens when you give passionate engineers the resources and opportunity to obsess over every aspect of their product."

EDITOR’S CHOICE – Roval Control SL Team Issue wheelset: "I’m no XC racer, but Roval really impressed me with their Control SL Team Issue wheelset. It’s amazing enough that the complete front wheel weighs less than a full water bottle (with the pair coming in at 1240g) but what’s really impressive is that they were built to ride on every day, not just on ‘Race Day Only’."